Meet Meat at Burger de Ville

Last night I went to Meet Meat at Burger de Ville. It’s a sweet little set up on the side of 1500 FOODMAKERS, which is the restaurant at 25hours hotel in the Museums Quartier of Vienna. 

First things first, the Airstream totally rocks! I want one. I need one! 

You know you want one too.

It’s all a sweet little set up at the top of Weghuberpark. There’s simple comfortable seating under red and black parasols, which are perfect for chillaxed chomping al fresco. 

The staff were friendly and looked like they were really enjoying themselves. And why not? They work in an Airstream every day and get creative with burgers and fries. 

I ordered the jalapeño burger at €6,70. A double was €9,70. Once I’d paid I was handed a snazzy bleeper to alert me to the readiness of my personal meat feast in bun. The bleeper looked more like the original Star Trek Communicator but then theirs didn’t have “meet meat” written on them. Another bit of cool. 

Within a few minutes it was dancing and jiving across the table in a cosmic show of flashing lights. Back to the Airstream I jumped to exchange bleeper for burger.

My jalapeño burger looked pretty good presented in a slick paper cone-like thing with “burger de ville" embossed in gold. The cone was also super practical, allowing you to easily hold your burger and catch the escaping juices as you munch away.   

It was nice to have a burger that wasn’t overfilled or pimped up beyond recognition. I would have liked a bit more crispy bacon. I mean, it’s bacon right. The burger was tasty given it was 100% Simmental beef. It had a great crispy finish but had lost some juiciness. A matter of seconds too long on the grill. Not to the point of ruin though. The tomato was big and beefy, the lovely Lollo Bianco was fresh, crunchy and colourful, while the Manchego with it’s creamy piquancy added just enough richness and seasoning. 

The big surprise came when I discovered there were enough green jalapeños to give the burger some bite. It put a smile on my face because in Austria when they say it’s scharf, usually it ain’t hot. The chilli mayo topped it all off nicely with a lovely velvety tongue-tingling finish. 

I’ll take the Mrs this week so we can go for two different burgers. I feel I should try out the double, if not for medical reasons then at least for completeness.