Musings of a digital outlaw, business innovator, and gastronaut living a bohemain life between Peckham, London and Vienna. 


About Me

Hi there. My name is Simon Baker. Si for short.

I’m an entrepreneur, change-maker, engineer and artist with 20+ years experience across diverse industry sectors.

Now I work as an advisor, consultant, director and investor at bold start-ups and big brands that want to make a radical difference. I help leaders, executives, and founders to explore possibilities, shape their visions, prototype strategies, and prepare to execute their aspirations.

I want to spark positive change—to inspire fresh thinking, reimagine what’s possible, and empower human endeavours that make life brighter. What I bring is strategic imagination and a challenger mindset; optimism, creativity and humanity; and an empirical approach. What I value most are friendshipcuriosity and responsibility.

On a more personal note, I like to describe myself as a foodsmith and drinkologist. That is to say I’m passionate about cooking, culinary experiments and food causes, I’m a gastronaut in pursuit of epicurean adventure, and an unrepentant carnivore, smoker of meat and wannabe butcher. I’m also a beer snob and seasoned Oktoberfester, wine geek and cocktail lover. Other than that I’m an avid snowboarder and messy painter.

I’m a Welshman living a bohemian life between London Peckham and Vienna.

You can find out more about me on my social channels. 


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