Superior has landed

Superior Cuisine course work

First day of Superior Cuisine today.

I think we’ve been spoiled in our Intensive team. Once upon a time, we were just 8 people in 16-person kitchens. We got to eat all the demo food. So much so I never needed to eat at home—since March. Now there are about 40-odd students in demos. I didn’t even bother getting up to taste today. They’ve broken up the Intensive team so we’re now in different groups, pretty much. And I’m in a group of 14 so the kitchen is way more hectic and there’s a premium on pans and trays and chinois, etc. Hm. Not too happy. But telling myself everything will be ok. Make new friends. Keep on trucking. Get faster. FFS.

My school schedule is less intensive now. School time is 3 days a week—Wednesday to Friday, with typically 9 hours of lessons on each of those days.

That said time at home will be invaluable for, well, homework. We have to complete research about a chef as part of a portfolio and write a paper. We have to create our own dish, cost it up, identify the allergens, etc. Cooking and presenting the dish is one part of the practical exam. I think there’s a menu planning exercise too. There’s a huge emphasis on self evaluation, to the point where you have to write 500-word assessments on your performance for key events.

Our skills and techniques are going to be pushed. The cooks are varied—from mystery baskets and restaurant service simulations to catering a world cuisine buffet. Friends and family can attend that one for the price of a ticket. I’ll let you know. I don’t feel ready for this.

There’s a real focus on developing our creativity. Now this is fun. For each dish there are compulsory elements. In addition, we are allowed to riff on other ingredients and how to cook them. Apart from herbs and spices. We can only dabble with them in certain exercises. We can also plate up as we want and are encouraged to explore and experiment with designs as much as possible. This is more me.

Stay tuned. The first cook is done but I won’t share it tonight. Bed.