Real men do eat quiche

Quiche Lorraine is the only quiche

I’m already feeling the effects of buttery living. Now, guess what I find myself making today? Quiche Lorraine. According to the French there’s only one quiche and that’s Quiche Lorraine. Anything else claiming to be a quiche is in fact a tart. 

Pastry and me have never been best buddies yet here I am rolling out Pâte Brisée or shortcut pastry that’s half butter to flour. I’m looking for 3mm thickness but soggy bottom keeps running through my mind. Tips from chef: Better to have a slightly wet dough going into the fridge to rest; the flour will soak up any moisture. And if the pastry cracks too much during rolling just rest it some more.

Savoury custard is egg plus yolk, cream, whole fat milk, seasoning and a smidge of nutmeg. Grate the cheese and bring the lardons to a boil to reduce their saltiness then lightly fry without taking on any colour.  

Fitting the pastry into the ring proved to be a delicate affair. Dock the base with a fork to prevent rising, a crimp later and into the oven for the blind bake. After 10 minutes lay down a bed of bacon—how good does that sound—sprinkle excessively with cheese, then back into the oven. With the tray half in pour over the custard and close the door. It's done when it has the wobble. 

O-M-G. Fresh out of the oven it tastes amazing. The warm custard is like a savoury creme brûlée. I feel like Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby should be playing.

Quiche Lorraine a few minutes out of the oven

Quiche Lorraine served up