Musings of a digital outlaw, business innovator, foodsmith and drinkologist living a bohemain life between Peckham, London and Vienna. 


About Me

hi. I'm Simon Baker.

Digital outlaw and upstarter. Business innovator and change-maker. Investor and adviser. Part entrepreneur, part engineer, part artist. Foodsmith. Drinkologist. 

Work with young start-ups wanting to grow and big brands looking to reinvent. Making remarkable digital ventures out of the internet for media, energy, retail, healthcare, financial services and banking sectors.

Shaping visions. Prototyping strategies. Reimagining what's possible. Empowering human endeavours and shaking up the status quo with disruptive business models, digital technology and uplifting customer experiences that make life brighter for everyone.

Passionate cook. Beer snob, wine geek and cocktail lover. Purveyor of good times. Avid snowboarder. Seasoned Oktoberfester. Smoker of meat. Wannabe butcher. Messy painter.

Welshman living a bohemian life between London Peckham and Vienna.


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